ECommerce Management

eCommerce Management

With over 198 million online shoppers in the U.S. alone, eCommerce is a key method to getting your products in front of your target audience. Given the increasing number of mobile devices, that number is expected to grow so it’s an absolute must to for a business to embrace eCommerce.

When you consider all of the options that consumers have, it’s easy to see why competition is fierce. In order to succeed at eCommerce, it’s essential to have the skill, persistence, and correct strategy necessary to compete.

At Search Engineering, we know what it takes to win with eCommerce, which also means we know what can cause you to fail. We’ve helped hundreds of clients succeed with eCommerce and we can assist you with optimizing your overall advertising and sales process.

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Data Feed Optimization

Maintaining a feed of all the products you sell online can be a tedious and time-consuming task. It’s also a mandatory part of running an effective eCommerce business across all of the available online platforms.

Our team works directly with your developers or we can start from scratch and create a product data feed for you. This enables you to scale your business while getting the most out of your marketing dollars. Once we complete your data feed, it’s primed for optimal success and ready to be broadcast across all of the online shopping platforms we use.

We also implement our robust analytics tools so we can examine which of your products will produce the most profits for your business. We can also determine which online platforms are best for those products and if you benefit from advertising them online.

Our goal is to ensure your success by optimizing your data feed and combining it with the most effective marketing approach.

Online Shopping Networks

You have a lot of options with the variety of online marketing channels available for selling products. Each one has its own set of benefits as well as detriments. Your eCommerce strategy has to go beyond producing a few PPC ads and seeing what happens.

To produce the most results from your eCommerce site, it’s essential to learn how to utilize the advertising options available to your business.


Amazon is easily the largest eCommerce marketplace for you to sell your products. They have incredible opportunities to assist you in getting your products in front of your target audience.

Whether you decide to sell your products on Amazon or you simply want to highlight your products on their platform, we have targeted strategies to use Amazon product ads that maximize your exposure.

Google Shopping

With the power of Google, you can utilize a variety of ways to promote and sell specific products direct from the search results page through the Google Shopping platform.

Our team specializes in developing and maintaining Google Shopping campaigns to maximize your profitability. We ensure that your products appear in combination with the keywords used to improve potential sales.

Bing/Yahoo Shopping

Even though Bing and Yahoo appear to be the same as Google, you still have to consider the differences in demographics and user base. In other words, it’s not an effective practice to use the same campaigns across the same platforms.

We uncover the most profitable opportunities in each online shopping platform as well as their subsidiaries. We then develop customized ads that will experience the most success on Bing or Yahoo.

Comparison Shopping Platforms

As online shopping has become more popular, so has the need for consumers to comparison shop for the best prices. Comparison shopping engines have emerged to assist consumers with comparing product prices in real-time across a variety of platforms.

At Search Engineering, we can tap into many online marketplaces so you can promote your eCommerce products effectively. We can analyze multiple price points, ads, and online shopping platforms to improve and enhance your revenue potential.

eCommerce Optimization

At Search Engineering, we’ve mastered eCommerce. We have the expertise and strategies to pinpoint where campaigns fail and how to optimize them for maximum sales and profit. We’ve helped many of our clients to strategize their eCommerce potential and create incredible results.

To learn more about how we can revolutionize your eCommerce strategy, contact us today!

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