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Enhance Your Design by Testing

When most businesses redesign their site, it’s usually done abruptly. Instead of making small changes over time, they change a lot all at once. These sudden changes are done without the knowledge of how they’ll impact site visitors or if the changes will improve the new site in comparison with the old one.

This translates into a ton of wasted time and dollars and involves a lot of guesswork in determining how visitors will respond to the new site. At Search Engineering, we don’t leave site redesigns to chance. We believe in changing your site over time in a gradual way so we can test it and learn what changes work best. When a test wins, we make that specific change permanent and over time your site continuously improves. This makes for a fun and innovative process as your site becomes new and astonishingly profitable.

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Redesign Without Guesswork

An essential component of site redesigns is its ability to significantly enhance your conversion rate. When you think of how most design agencies approach redesigns, it involves a significant amount of guesswork that can lead to more problems than you bargained for. By redesigning over time, you achieve all of the benefits of redesigning your site without the typical risks or guessing games.

Our redesign over time strategy, gives you two critical advantages over what typical design firms offer:

Quick Turnaround

Most site redesigns require a tremendous amount of time and effort. However, when you constantly make changes to your site, they can be completed in a much faster and efficient timeframe.

Results Driven

Your site redesign can often depend on whatever design trends are in place or you’re at the whims of the designer’s taste and style. With redesign over time, our engineers recreate your site to ensure it not only looks great but optimally suits the needs of your target audience.

Why Redesign Over Time?

Our redesign over time strategy is our streamlined methodology of constant testing and overall optimization. Your site is updated with changes and strategies that create more revenue for your business.

At Search Engineering, we’ve been using our redesign over time strategy to help our clients succeed in a variety of niches. We’ve seen positive results time and again and we are confident that our redesign services will yield the best possible path for your site’s success.

If you’re looking for an amazing breakthrough in your site’s performance and profitability, contact us today!

Redesign Without the Guesswork