About Us

Our Vision
Small Company. Big Results.

Streamlining your online marketing strategy goes beyond just thinking differently. At Search Engineers, we believe in science over strategy.

Search Engineering was born from a small group of entrepreneurs who found it increasingly difficult to find a search company that fulfilled their needs. We decided that instead of creating a company that would grow astronomically, we actually want to stay small. By staying small, we can deliver on BIG promises for our clients.

The result? You have access to a boutique-style search marketing company that gives you a hands-on experience you won’t find anywhere else. No matter how big or small your request, we have the talent to support you.

No getting put on autopilot. No getting lost in the shuffle. Just a personal touch to help you stretch your marketing dollars and rise above your competition.

Our Culture
By hiring only the top 5% of search engineers, our culture is focused on making BIG promises and delivering BIG results.

We’ve scoured the world to find the best and brightest talent to join our team. Each and every one of us is committed to engineering results for you in order to save time and increase your ROI. We believe in delivering definitive results based on scientific testing methods so you can make improvements and experience the best possible results on an ongoing basis.

“The best of the best or nothing” is what we live and breathe. We take the science behind online marketing and transform it into more customers, better sales, and improved ROI for our clients. We don’t just follow what the other online marketing firms are doing. We love what we do and take inspiration from seeing how our work improves the lives and business of our clients.

Our Philanthropy

We believe in changing things for the better, and that goes for our company, our clients, our community, and the world in general. Throughout the year, we team up to contribute to our local charities as well as those on a national level. We strive to discover fun and innovative ways to give back and make our world a better place.

Our Philosophy

At Search Engineers, we’re passionate about helping our customers grow their business. It’s what gets us going at the start of every day and it’s at the heart of every service we deliver to our clients. Our philosophy is based on building quality client relationships that reflect the best services you can find in this industry.