Display Advertising

Display Advertising

When you use interesting and relevant ads to target new prospects and optimize those ads to convert, you’ve implemented a successful display advertising campaign.

Today’s consumer tends to be blind to banner ads so it takes plenty of effort mixed with a targeted strategy to make your campaign worthwhile. It’s essential to know what you’re doing and when and where to do it.

Display advertising can help you build awareness and put your business front and center with your target audience. In spite of the difficulties that come with display advertising, it can create amazing results when done properly.

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Perfect Timing. Perfect Strategy.

For display advertising to work well, users need to see your ads in the right place as well as at the right time. With online platforms like Google, you have the ability to tap into a wide variety of robust options to attract users with strategically placed ads at the perfect time.

The best strategy for users to see your ad is to make it worthy of their interest. You can attract your target audience when they’re ready to buy without the need for the ad to be flashy or obnoxious.

It’s also important to note that your offer must be competitive in regards to your competitor’s display ads. For this, research is essential and it should include learning where those ads are run and what the offers are. You can then make an informed decision on the offer you advertise.

At Search Engineering, we utilize specific strategies in addition to targeted analytics [insert link] to create and optimize our display advertising campaigns. Doing so means that your ads beat those of your competitors while creating awareness of your business and more importantly, increasing conversions.

Target Audience Strategies

Knowing who to target, what their interests are, and where to reach them is nothing short of using display advertising like a planned attack.

At Search Engineering, we start your display advertising campaign by taking a hard look at your target audience. We segment them according to demographics, interests, and behaviors, in addition to the sites they visit. Performing this high-level analysis is the perfect way to start but we take it one step further.

While your display ad campaign is active, we monitor and adjust our strategy to ensure that the sites, copy, and audience is reacting appropriately to your ads. We can then determine the precise places to advertise and how the ads should look to create the highest rate of conversions at the lowest rate possible.

Why Us for Display Advertising?

At Search Engineering, we take care of your display advertising strategy needs, including the graphic design and full optimization process with our in-house team. We can then offer fast and efficient display ads designed to maximize your advertising ROI.

Our team of graphic designers are fully knowledgeable in conversion rate optimization. They work in conjunction with our display account managers to develop customized ads that contain high quality images to further enhance the campaign.

Your campaign is filled with ads tailored to reflect your brand and transform clicks into customers.

To learn we can optimize your display ad campaigns, contact us today!

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