Website Analytics Consulting

Website Analytics Consulting

Analytics tracking has a major impact on digital marketing success. From start to finish, traffic to your site gives you the ability to track, model, and predict visitor behavior. Data extracted from site analytics can often identify whether an online marketing campaign wins or loses.

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We Breathe Analytics

At Search Engineers, we know the importance of tracking results. It’s through analytics that we can determine how site changes truly impact our client’s bottom lines. We admit it – we’re crazy about numbers and completely obsessed with using them to enhance profits.

Our obsession to Analytics propels us to track every single interaction between your campaign and your customers. We can then view where your marketing dollars are going and how much marketing ROI is generated.

Analyzing and tracking everything means extra effort and strategizing but it’s that hard work that lets us zero in on the metrics that truly matter. That way, the results tell their own story.

Goal and Event Tracking

Is it trackable? Then track it! It’s impossible to know what aspect of your site will rock your results so it’s essential to track everything.

At Search Engineers, we make sure to track every interactive aspect of your site, including: forms buttons, checkouts, designated phone numbers, and more. We treat our client’s sites as an entire analytics event, which lets us see how visitors interact on your site.

By implementing event tracking, we can explain how specific elements impact the overall conversion process and create site interaction goals that work to enhance and improve ROI.

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We deliver hands-on, personalized assistance with your campaigns. Autopilot isn’t in our vocabulary.

Click and Heat Map Tracking

Click or heat maps are a visual tool to see how traffic is interacting on a site. By using these types of strategic tools, we can gain massive insight into how visitors are responding to different aspects on your site pages.

Whether it’s site visitors thinking an image should be a button or a button that simply isn’t converting, we track how visitors are experiencing your site. Doing so allows us to understand a lot about why specific site aspects win or lose. It’s our job to create and perform tests that significantly enhance your bottom line.

Detailed Analysis and ReportinG

Web analytics tell us a very important story about your website. But trying to decipher all of the data with an incomplete or inconsistent reporting system can create a lot of errors as well as headaches.

To simply this process, we give our clients an easy-to-understand dashboard that allows them to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns. With easy and accurate data, you can eliminate emotions from the decision-making process of how to effectively allocate marketing dollars for the best possible ROI.

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Analytics That Deliver

At Search Engineers, analytics is at the beginning of every service we offer to our clients. Our clients have found that the analytics results we provide has changed their business for the better. If you’re interested in uncovering the data hiding on your site and how to extract it to enhance your online marketing strategy, contact us today!

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