Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is easily the powerhouse platform in the social media advertising world. It boasts over 1.79 billion active users every month – and that number continues to grow!

Unfortunately for businesses, that platform can also be a challenge to tap into.

With Facebook, it’s essential for marketers to understand how they can drive user engagement and use it to effectively attract their target audience to maximize their marketing dollars.

At Search Engineers, we have the experience to implement the right ads in the right places on Facebook so your business experiences amazing results.

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Why You Need to Advertise on Facebook

With such a large platform, Facebook give you the opportunity to put ads in front of your target audience when they’re ready to buy your product or service.

Facebook advertising targets your audience higher in the sales funnel than AdWords or other online advertising methods. By targeting the correct audience, Facebook ads create much better results that other high-funnel marketing platforms.

Attracting Your Target Audience

Facebook gives you plenty of ways for you to streamline your ads. Like most basic strategies, you can yield great results by identifying your target audience by age, gender, occupation or other interests. However, to maximize your Facebook campaign, you want to customize your target audience according to those users who are going to bring in the most revenue for your business.

To create your custom target audience quickly, you can easily upload your list of leads or the email addresses of your existing customers. With this level of database marketing, you have the potential to:

Use your database in combination with Facebook to effectively create successful retargeting campaigns. It’s the perfect way to maximize your overall marketing strategy potential.

You can also use this database to mirror your existing campaign strategies to attract additional target audience members who are similar to those already in your pipeline. Not only does this maximize your marketing dollar but it’s a great method to attract new traffic that has the ability to convert on a high-level.

It takes patience and ongoing effort to create a custom audience that is optimal for your business. However, it will help you create a profile for your ideal customer, which will lead you down the road to incredible results.

Facebook Campaign Optimization

While attracting your target audience is important, you also need to create successful campaigns. In other words, you have to test your ads.

The best strategies involve having a mix of ads along with promoted content. You never know what will impact your audience the most so you have to test different ads until you understand what works and what doesn’t.

It doesn’t just stop with your ads. You also have to ensure that your landing pages are optimized so they turn convert clicks as effectively as possible. It’s not enough to master the PPC platforms [insert link] as traffic can’t do the job all by itself. Your target audience must have a consistent experience that inspires them to take action.

To make your Facebook campaigns profitable, identify what attracts your audience through strategic testing methods.

Why Choose Search Engineering?

It’s essential that you monitor your Facebook campaigns on an ongoing basis. No surprise to us. Facebook involves many different facets and is constantly evolving as a mega-advertising platform. If you want to succeed on Facebook, you must keep up with its pace.

At Search Engineering, we monitor and adjust Facebook campaigns for our clients on a weekly basis. This helps us to stay on top of any changes, optimize their ads, and provide them with the highest possible results while keeping their costs as low as possible.

To tap into the power of Facebook advertising, contact us today!

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