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After performing thousands of site tests, we learned that the vast majority of companies don’t understand which aspects of their site impact their conversion rate.

In order to resolve this problem, we’ve streamlined our A/B testing methodologies so we can analyze how a specific site or page aspects impact the overall conversion rate.

To do this, we take away various elements on your site and direct a portion of traffic to your original site and another portion to your modified site. We compare results to see which element improved site performance and which diminished it.

Through our extensive A/B testing methods, we are able to pinpoint those aspects that help you to achieve the best results and which ones are keeping you standing still. The information we gather gives us the ability to make informed decisions about what to keep on your site and what aspects need to be modified to improve site performance.

A/B testing provides us with the crucial data we need to convert your website into a money-making machine.

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What Aspects Do We Test?

The cool thing about A/B testing is that it is so versatile. We can test any and every aspect of your site. We first review your conversion rate optimization [insert link] goals to determine which aspects to start with. We then review:

Site Pages

A/B testing gives us the ability to view how different pages impact the overall flow and effectiveness of your site. You may have already seen this by creating and testing landing pages [insert link] but we take it up a notch and test how different pages impact your conversion funnel.

Page Aspects

Each page on your site has a variety of aspects. Your pages may include headers, forms, sidebars, headlines, calls to action, copy, information content, social proof, banners, images, and much more. Each page aspect impacts your audience and through A/B testing, we can analyze how each in turn impacts your conversion rates and overall profitability.

Page Sub-Aspects

In addition to page aspects, there also exist sub-aspects. These can take things to a more detailed level when it comes to phrases, form fields, copy length, image placement, and more. Here, A/B testing lets us dig deep into your site and maximize the impact of these sub-aspects to optimize your site.

Taking Testing to New Heights

With the implementation of A/B testing, we’ve significantly improved the bottom lines of many of our clients. And sometimes it only involves just one test!

When you can uncover what site aspects positively impact your profit, you can make more informed decisions that directly impact your success. The more you understand the connection between your site and your target audience, the more you can suit their needs and achieve your business goals.

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