For a vast majority of websites, a very minimal amount of their traffic does what’s expected of them before they leave the site. Think of all the trouble you go through with your traffic-generating efforts only to see visitors leave without taking any action.

Most of the time, visitors simply leave because the offer that’s presented to them isn’t interesting. They may also have other distractions going on, or they want to shop around some more and see what others businesses have to offer, or they’re only “window” shopping. The point is that once they leave, they don’t come back.

Retargeting, or remarketing, is where you can keep your products or services in front of those prospects who left your site without taking any action. If your retargeting strategy is fully optimized, you can send an ongoing reminder to that group to let them know you’re worthy of a second look.

How Does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting employs cookies to tagalong with users as they search the web. All you need is a small bit of code on your site and you can place cookies anonymously on any new visitor’s online browser. That cookie can trigger a retargeting platform like Google and let it know that a particular user visited your site. This will initiate an ad to show up for that user in various places throughout the platform’s display network.

This can be a highly effective strategy for B2B campaigns or any other markets that have an extended sales funnel. Retargeting platforms offer you a lot of flexibility so you can optimize results by deciding when and how your ads are displayed. While retargeting ads are done with bids like other paid advertising methods, the cost is still considerably lower. Since the cost is reduced, it makes for an effective and simple way to gain traction with potential customers you may have missed otherwise.

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Online Retargeting Channels

You aren’t limited to the Google Display Network as there are several other platforms you can use for your retargeting strategy.

Google Remarketing

Google’s massive influence makes the Google Display Network an
excellent platform for your retargeting efforts.

Google provides you with the capability to streamline your remarketing ads based on the specific products and site pages a user clicked on when they visited your site. Your ads are fine-tuned so that they target specific demographics while enhancing conversions and improving revenue.

Dynamic Retargeting

If you’re an eCommerce business that has multiple products for sale, it can be close to impossible for you to create or maintain an effective retargeting campaign using AdWords.

By using dynamic retargeting methods, you can create a product
inventory feed that’s easily updated. Those strategies will also display retargeting ads based on the particular products users have viewed or clicked on.

Instead of just running a generic retargeting ad for your business, the user will automatically see an ad for the specific products they’ve viewed.

Social Media Retargeting

With millions to billions of users on social media platforms like
Facebook and Twitter, it’s likely you’ll be able to reach a lot of your non-converted traffic on those sites.

Social retargeting gives you the opportunity to place ads on the social media fees of visitors to your site. This allows you to combine the
benefits of remarketing along with target audience segmentation to create personalized ad messages available through social media ads.

Optimize Your Digital
Marketing Campaigns

At Search Engineering, we know that your online marketing strategy goes way beyond your PPC campaign. Your target audience requires some nurturing.

We integrate a variety of online platforms along with targeted ads for maximum potential. This helps us to ensure that our clients experience the high conversion rate possible.

To learn how we can help you create an optimized retargeting campaign, contact us today!

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