Site Testing Strategies

Site Testing Strategies

You can’t beat the power of conversion rate optimization . It’s one of the best ways to be successful online yet it’s also the easiest way to waste time and money without cultivating any useful data. In order to be truly successful with CRO, it’s essential to understand what your goals are and how to develop the tests necessary to achieve those goals effectively and efficiently.

At Search Engineering, we’ve helped hundreds of clients run more tests than we can count. This extensive experience has allowed us to transform our observations into concise and highly effective techniques that create stunningly actionable tests.

A great testing strategy is a direct path to amazing results. When you implement the right strategy, your business can anticipate a significant impact on site performance and profitability.

Your Data Tells the Story

It’s difficult to forecast what people are going to do without access to pertinent data. To determine what’s important to your audience, enhance conversions, and increase the amount of revenue you experience per visitor, it’s essential that you test.

If you don’t test what site changes convert best and which site visitors are your target audience, you’re essentially guessing. Even though you may be a master at guesswork, there’s a huge possibility that those guesses will negatively impact your profitability.

Testing is the best way to use data and the story it tells you to make critical decisions when it comes to your site. While Analytics may give you some useful data to work with, it doesn’t help you to connect the dots to create a true understanding of what’s really going on with your site. With testing, you have complete power over all of the variables in order to calculate their cause and effect. No more wondering how a certain element on your site impacts conversions because you’ll already know!

When you understand how different aspects of your site affect visitors, you have the muscle to optimize your site for maximum results.

The Most Important Formula

It’s our goal to ensure you have receive the most critical results from testing as fast as possible. That’s why we’ve developed our own unique formula to help us prioritize which tests are most effective for reaching your goals. Our formula gives us the ability to keep our promise to you and analyze efficiency using actual data.

We incorporate three major elements into our formula for the best possible outcome: population, cost, and overall impact. Don’t worry, we do all the number-crunching so you don’t have to. By taking these three components into account, we can pinpoint the most important areas of your site that are most likely to show us critical results in the fastest amount of time.

Targeted Results = Targeted Revenue

It’s no secret that improving site traffic is great. Increasing traffic conversion is better but experiencing more revenue is what we’re really after!

While it’s not always a direct path between your online marketing efforts and profits, you might feel it’s better to focus your intentions on in-depth metrics. Whether you tune into page views or bounce rates, they can be helpful but they don’t always impact your bottom line. The goal of your marketing campaign isn’t a lower bounce rate, it’s to increase revenue. We think that’s a more powerful metric to delve into.

At Search Engineering, the main purpose behind every test we perform is to help you increase revenue. Given this, our ultimate way to test success is through profitability and not with increased traffic or engagement.

Optimize the Overall User Experience

A good CRO strategy focuses on first impressions, how pages translate through the conversion process, and that visitors complete your conversion funnel.

A landing page is where visitors will receive their first impression for your business. While first impressions are important, it’s only the beginning of the overall conversion process. Once a visitor lands on your site, many options exist for them to convert and it’s important that this process is made as simple as possible for them.

Going a step beyond landing page optimization means understanding how your site pages flow through your conversion process. Doing so gives you the opportunity to view how visitors interact with your site and analyze how each page directly impacts conversions.

As visitors arrive on your site, it’s crucial that they reach the end of your conversion funnel. When you can identify where visitors either drop-off or take action, you can create a massive impact on your site’s effectiveness.

Taking all three of these elements into account allows you to maximize your site’s performance to increase profits.

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Site Testing That Works

When you take on CRO, it must be done correctly. At Search Engineers, we’ve created a range of exclusive testing techniques that quickly provide your business with the results it needs.

Whether we implement our unique formula or optimize the overall experience for site visitors, your profitability is our most important goal. With our results-oriented methodology, we’ve helped our clients to reevaluate what they expect in site performance and related revenue.

To learn more about how you can access our testing techniques to improve conversion rates and profits, contact us today!

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