Why Us

We Hire the Top 5% of Search Engineers in the World to Ensure Top Results
  • We search the world far and wide to find only the best and brightest talent. The best or nothing is our motto.
  • We could bore you with fancy graphs and confusing terminology, but at the end of the day we increase your ROI or you pay NOTHING.
  • We are selective about the clients we take on. We believe it’s the only way we can maintain consistent, high performing goals. We prefer to take a boutique-style approach so you can say no to autopilot for good!
  • Our account managers are available 24/7. Yes, your marketing dollars are that important to us.

Why Only the Top 5%?

At Search Engineers, we don’t just hire anybody. We know there’s lots of talented folks out there but we have to be honest. Not many of them have the chops to deliver the type of services we deliver to our clients. Our strict screening process ensures our services stay top-notch and that you get the results you’ve been promised.

Communication & Personality Skills

No matter how talented you are, to work at Search Engineers, you have to be able to communicate effectively with us and our clients. This includes the ability to read, write, and speak English fluently. We also test applicants to make sure those we hire have the right personality to interact with us and our clients. We want those on our team to be dedicated, driven, and care about our clients as much as we do.

Real-Time Screening

There’s nothing that compares to testing a live situation in real time. If you’ve got amazing skills, that’s one thing. But if you can prove those skills in a live format and show us what you’ve got, then you’ve just moved up to the top of our candidate’s list. We test out candidates through live screenings and review their expertise, timeliness in their responses, and overall problem-solving ability.

Commitment to Excellent Service

We accept nothing less than the best when it comes to how our team interacts with our clients. Under no circumstances do we allow for any of our team to deliver less than perfect service. We expect them to handle any request with professionalism and in the quickest amount of time possible.

In-Depth Technical Skills & Expertise

We don’t just take our candidate’s word when it comes to their level of skills. We put them through rigorous testing and not just on their technical skills. We also take a hard look at problem-solving skills and only consider those at the top of the list to join our team.

Simulated Testing

In addition to our real-time screening, we put our candidates through scenarios they would face in the real-world while taking care of our clients. We want to judge candidates not by what they say they can do but by actually monitoring how they do it. We take a hard look at how they apply their expertise, communication skills, professionalism, and integrity for at least 1 – 3 weeks.

The Top 5% That Make Up Our Team

The team at Search Engineers prides itself on expertise and professionalism at every level. We are born problem-solvers dedicated to providing our clients with a solution no matter how big or small. We strive for the utmost in integrity, communication, and hands-on services that deliver on every promise every time.